Evolutionary dating flaws

Our anti-evolution/millions of years stance is the of this, not the end in itself.

By extension, oppose the ‘establishment’ only where it conflicts with the Bible.

For example, some claimed that the days in Genesis 1 were really ages, and that Noah’s Flood was one of many catastrophes.

For proof that such ‘re-interpretations’ are fallacious, see Creation Compromises and Noah’s Flood Covered the Whole Earth.

For example, Darwin pointed out that the fashionable theory taught by Lyell, of fixity of species—that each species had been independently created in their current location—made little sense of his observations that island species were often similar to those of the nearest continent.

is the infallible Word of God, the Bible (see Q&A Bible).

All theories of science are fallible, and new data often overturn previously held theories.

It points out the problem with naturalists trying hard to come with something that might be possible, without considering the probability of it actually being able to occur.

Him I guess the whole earth being flooded by 40 days of rain and everyone dying except One family is not a fairy tale, but a bona fide fact as defined by the bible. It is the most logical story, explains completely all the other civilizations not existing at all, anywhere on the planet, how liquid water totally disappeared and why no other person anywhere had a boat.

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We don’t claim that this list is exhaustive—it will be updated with additions and maybe deletions as new evidence is discovered.

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