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In Eve your skills determine what you can fly and do.

EVEMon is there to help you plan out a path to the skills you need to fly a battleship or become an excellent explorer.

There are columns showing the time to learn each skill the learning stats such as rank and attributes for the skill and the estimated total SPs after learnign each skill. Greyed skills can be learned once the earlier levels have been trainned or once you have purchased the book and injected the skill.You can use the various guides in this wiki, which often list skills needed for their particular activity.You can use the Ship Browser in the EVEMon Plan window and look at fittings from Battle Clinic, even if most of them are terrible.There is an excellent skill library with pretty prerequisite trees to tell you just how many other things you would need to study before you can even start training Amarr Battleship.EVEMon also has some other gadgets attached to monitor market orders, manufacturing, research, and clones.

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