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“It is an excellent way to invigorate the children and give them a new sense of focus.” In the school hall, 12 girls engage in the method.It blends physical movement with vocal exercises, and looks, above all, great fun.It was very moving.” The “power of music” is not without scientific foundation.The group has developed a set of vocal exercises to enhance children’s musical and overall academic performance.

The girls had been expecting hymn practice, and it was a riot.

It has made a difference.” Caitlin Croke, 16, has never been confident with music. “But music has had a massive impact on my life, and I think it has been good for my brain overall.” Queen Anne’s school is part of a foundation that includes inner city state schools.

Although the musical curriculum at the state schools is of a much lower standard, the Voces8 method is used there too.

This method, which is currently being used in several schools in Britain, is based on a 2010 study conducted by Professor Sue Hallam, a researcher at the Institute of Education in London.

“It is a well-established fact that there is a large overlap between the skills that the brain uses for understanding music and understanding speech,” she says.

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“So regular musical workshops can greatly enhance reading and literacy.

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