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I was fully prepared to install and hate this last-gasp attempt by Black Berry. Few third-party email applications perform as well as Gmail or Inbox; Black Berry Hub might be one of the exceptions.

I'll walk through the installation of Black Berry Hub and then add an account so you can see how to start enjoying this well thought-out communication hub.

You should regularly keep an eye on your disk usage to ensure it always stays within the limit. You can confirm if your disk usage has been exceeded by simply trying to login to your c Panel. You could then contact support who will look into it for you.

Once you have verified that your nameservers, billing, password & quota details are correct we can now run through some trouble shooting to find out where the issue is. Check Configuration – For your email software to be able to send & receive emails then the configuration settings need to be set as shown below.

For example, in Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail you just need to select Tools/Accounts & then in the Servers tab please ensure that your settings are: Server requires Authentication: Select Yes by ticking the box to confirm Then select the Advanced options and check the following: Outbound SMTP Port: 25 or 26 [Some ISPs block port 25 traffic to reduce spamming.Figure AAfter you grant permissions for the Hub Services, you'll have to grant permissions for the Black Berry Hub app.Repeat the process (tapping through the various permissions) until you're on the account setup page (Figure B).You'll first have to grant permission for the Black Berry Hub Services permissions.When prompted, tap GRANT PERMISSIONS, and then tap through the various permissions necessary to use the app (Figure A).

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