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She even tripled her own profits and clientele using her system.She works with women around the country through her Speakers Academy, Mastermind, Live Events, and Strategy Sessions.That’s where “Eboni L” (as she is affectionately known by her clients and those in her tribe) comes in.Have an upcoming event that will serve service-based business owners?And when she isn’t wearing one of her many business hats, she’s probably couponing, vacationing, volunteering, or watching Shark Tank with the family.IN CASE YOU WERE LOOKING FOR THE OFFICIAL BIO Feel Free to download! On August 30, police say the alleged stalker attempted to walk into Ms Williams' office in Midtown Manhattan, but he was stopped by security and banned from the building.

And only three of those were not threatening, she said.'I should meet my maker soon, I shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets of New York,' Williams said, describing the tone of the emails to Variety.'They heard that I live in Harlem - Harlem needs to watch out.'The threats so unnerved her book publisher that he convinced her to demand a security detail from Fox News.She also speaks and writes about designing broader and bolder lifestyles, often using her book as a foundational guide.A formally trained relationship builder, educator, and certified coaching specialist, Eboni graduated from Talladega College, the “Harvard of the South,” with a Bachelor’s in Sociology.The mission of the EBONI Mentoring Program is to encourage EBONI student engagement at Emerson College.EBONI alumni can be an anchor for underclassmen who need support adjusting to college as they clarify their plans and make the most of their academic careers, both as students of color and as future diverse professionals entering the fields of communication and the arts.

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Alumni provide overall support, guidance and industry advice.

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