Do exes get back together after dating other people

Anyways, I lost the girl of my dreams for not speaking up.

Good thing is I have learnt a valuable lesson and now I am a lot open to tell the people around me how much I appreciate them and I am afraid of raising any problems I have with them.

Although she knows i think hes a complete tool she also knows that im fine with it.

i havnt tried coming between them or anything i just broke off completely from her life (deleted her facebook and stuff) i couldnt deal with the pain seeing her new relationship being broadcasted on fb.

She ended it with him and is now talking to me again. I want to, but she is not sure and she has another guy she thinks she might like. The point is that, yes you can get back together after they have been in another relationship. I agree with the no contact and leaving the relationship run its course. just use it to grow and forget the past and look forward together I see where your coming from, i dont want to get involved with anyone because its not fair on them, i would only be doing it out of boredem and not out of genuine attraction.

You have to let that relationship run it's course until they decide they are done with it and then they will more then likely contact you again. Im still in love with my ex and they would pick up on it at some point and possibly get hurt and im not hurting people anymore.

Assuming your question wasn’t simply a hypothetical, then what does this mean for you?

And, if the rebound relationship is with a rewarding, high-quality partner, then the new partner can gradually replace the ex as that special someone in their lives.I'm curious to ask if anyone here has ever got back with their exes after they have been through a rebound relationship? Also was it the same or different and if different was it different in a good or bad way?My ex is currently in a rebound relationship theyve been together for just over a month and been seeing eachother for 2. My ex started dating someone a week later after the break up. I just minded my own business and didn't talk to her. It is a harsh waiting game, with me i get doubts then some hope. i was apart 4 months and we both tried the rebound thing and in truth I came off slightly better, as the woman i dated was lovely and for some people a perfect partner, but it was wrong person wrong time for memy ex and I got back together and yes its slightly diff but thats good, if it was the same then you would have issues otherwise you wouldnt have ended it!Yeah if i did get back with her i wouldnt hold anything against her i.e the relationship with this guy.What happened, happened she would be back with me for a reason and only thing to do is look forward. the way we dealt with it was talk about it, and ill be honest its hard to hear your woman talk about another man bite your lip and get thru it, we now joke about itjust think...greater goodshe was miffed that i dated a very wealthy, attractive, slim woman...the same for everyone, we hate hearing it but we deal with it At first i went nuts at the news of her seeing this guy but after a few weeks of no contact i calmed down i even saw this guy on a night out and shook his hand, that was hard but i wanted to be the better man.

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On the other hand, when people fail to connect with new partners, it can make them really long for the familiarity of their exes, particularly if they found their exes to be deeply rewarding in the past.

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