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Bills Cardinals Chargers Cowboys Panthers Ravens Raiders Redskins Seahawks Titans (3) The Roger Goodell Division. “On any given Sunday,” they can beat any other team - in their own division.

Occasionally, they can beat a “Fair” team; once in a blue moon - when pigs fly - they will shock a “Good” team.

There’s not one person in a million who can estimate the size of a crowd correctly.” Anyhow, sounds like a good time was had by all at the Eagles’ parade. There is even “Happiness Homework” - go home and meditate, get enough sleep, etc. A couple of years ago, great sports writer John Feinstein wrote about Charlie Jarvis.Chiefs Eagles Falcons Jaguars Packers Patriots Rams Saints Steelers Vikings (2) The Pete Rozelle Division. “On any given Sunday,” these teams can beat any other team in their own division, and usually any team in the lower division.On rare occasions they may even upset a team in the Bert Bell Division.Bears Bengals Broncos Browns Buccaneers Colts Dolphins 49ers Giants Jets Lions Texans Why aren’t there more games like this past Super Bowl?Simple: it takes two good teams to make a good game.

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