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When she was finally satisfied, Daphne left her room to carry out her super secret brand of 'Room Service.' The deck of the ship was hot from the blazing sun. It was morning, and some of the passengers were already in the pool or lounging as they tanned. There's plenty of new gossip." Daphne agreed to the lunch date and they both said "bye" for the time being.

Most of the other travelers were at the breakfast buffet. Seeing a fellow cruise attendant carrying a stack of towels was nothing out of the ordinary.

She noticed a few gazes here and there and returned the smiles graciously. But then again, tongues are useful at cleaning certain emissions too.' When she neared her destination, she was stopped by a curvaceous middle aged woman, who proudly wore a two-piece bathing suit and over it, a sheer cover-up. on these trips." Daphne looked at the woman, who was wearing a sly grin, and wondered if her word choice was intentional.

Like most women, Daphne was acutely aware of men when they checked her out. "I'd like to get a massage first, but I don't want to miss out on a meal." Daphne gave a courteous reply. Enjoy your breakfast, sir, and the massage." The man thanked her and they parted ways. But in her current mood, she thought: 'Oh yes, there will be plenty to eat aboard this ship. She also sported a wide brimmed tropical hat as she sipped from a long straw, that stuck out from a freshly opened coconut. It appeared that she wanted to say more, but hesitated. on this trip." As their cheeky conversation ended, Daphne couldn't tell if intense sunlight was causing the woman to squint, or if she was winking in a flirtatious way. As they parted ways, the woman took a big sip from her straw and headed towards a lounge chair. My services are always available.' She finally reached the private living quarters for passengers on the ship. There was a sign which read DO NOT DISTURB hanging from the door.

Likewise, she could tell when women were warm for her, too. A man with a look of uncertainty was about to cross her path. The man had a question, and so she smiled while he made his inquiry. You aren't the only one who appreciates fine dining.' With perfect posture, she continued her walk down the open air deck of the ship. "Excuse me miss," the woman said, plopping the wet straw out of her mouth. The woman continued, "Look at you, you're so sweet and innocent. So yes, I can certainly be around adult beverages, and activities." "Oh my, when you have more time, you have to tell me your secret for having such a nubile appearance." "It would be my pleasure," Daphne blushed. It was the typical, friendly exchange that Daphne normally shared with passengers. By the way, were you just flirting with me or was the sun in your eyes? In this instance, it meant that no one could enter except for the special cleaning girl.

A female colleague was heading her way from a different direction, carrying a big stack of towels. "Do you have any idea when we'll reach our destination? Just in time for a Costa Rican sunset and dinner." "Thank you, dear," the woman said, trying to contain her glee. Are you even allowed to be near alcoholic beverages? "By the way, you look ravishing in that bathing suit. But, given Daphne's current mood, all she could think was: 'You look so natural sucking on that straw. Daphne used her key card and slowly opened the door. But, sunlight peeked through the partially closed curtains, allowing Daphne to see clearly.

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Single men should be so lucky to be around someone with your level of energy. It was her third time doing this, but it wasn't any easier than the first. Daphne gently closed the door behind her, which was mainly out of grace, since she hated the sound of doors slamming.

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