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– didn’t just chat about her gay fans and the Eminem song that launched her career. You can’t help your life filtering into your songs – or if you’re me, you can’t. I think I’m always going to write that way.(Laughs) Definitely! He sent me the lyrics and I just remember reading it thinking, “I love this song.” It’s about so many things: about how I used to feel, that sort of restless feeling, that feeling of maybe there’s another life somewhere and that feeling of wanting to be exceptional but not quite reaching it. But then, as far as the title of the album, it’s also about everyone reaching out to me (saying) that I keep disappearing, and it was quite a good comment on that. Isn’t that, I guess, why he performed with Elton John at the Grammys? I go on the person I see in front of me, and he was really not a misogynist to me at all. Just utterly respectful – and all the people around him were utterly respectful, as well.

We found out what turns the musically meek songstress into an angry beast. It’s funny: I think “Don’t Leave Home” at a wedding is just completely weird. I don’t think I was disappearing, but everyone else thought so. I might be away from the public eye, but I’m never away from music. I’ve only put out three records in my life; this is only my fourth, and so this is still so fresh and exciting to me.

I remember saying once, “Life is actually really long, and not in a bad way but in a good way.” When things are just really dark, when you look back on it, this will be such a small moment in your life. I didn’t, because when I met him he was so respectful to me and treated me so well. I think he’s one of the greatest storytellers around; so, no. I didn’t really feel sucked into it, to be quite honest.

You know how we all go around saying life is short?

If this is your kind of thriller, don't let my comment stop you from enjoying it. Idris alba, and Taraji Henson , love them great actors wasted energy however for them.

The following is an explanation from the Wikipedia page which I think sums it up quite accurately.

By arrangement with Sony Music Entertainment Kendrick Lamar appears courtesy of Aftermath/Interscope Records See more » This movie had no substance, it was one of the worst I have to say I've seen so for in 2014.

The storyline had a whole lot of holes, I can't make sense out of nonsense.

27 Academy Awards to sing her nominated song, “If I Rise,” tongues started wagging as to why Dido wasn”t going to be on the show with co-writer AR Rahman.

“It”s just my favorite place and I just can”t stop writing,” she says. I ended up recording huge amounts in my hotel room: I had a microphone propped on some books and my computer and my keyboard and [we] built around those minimalist tracks.” In addition to writing solo, she worked with longtime collaborator Rick Nowels, as well as Greg Kurstin (of The Bird and the Bee fame) and Jeff Bhasker, who is best known for his work with Kanye West.

“It”s something about the driving and the music and the bigness of everything. As fans know, Dido leaves the intimacies for her music, preferring to remain a bit of a mystery to her fans. If people knew too much about me, I”d feel self conscious and stop being so personal in my songs,” she says.

It surprises me that anybody has that at their wedding. (Laughs) People are like, “I’ve played that at my wedding,” and I’m like, “Why, if I can be honest? “Thank You,” though, is a perfect wedding song, and I’ve actually sung it at quite a few friends’ weddings. I’m always making it, I’m always writing it, I’m always playing it, and then obviously it builds up into an album and I put it out and I’m back in the public’s consciousness. I took a bit of time between albums two and three just because I realized I’d been on the road for nine years at that point and that it was probably time to go home and clean up the mess I left, and so I took a bit of time in making the third album. It feels like the first time I ever put a record out.

But if someone asked me to play “Don’t Leave Home,” I’d just be like, “Really? But actually, this record I put together quite quickly.

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