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But until you can forgive yourself and at least consider forgiving your partner, your heart, soul, and body will become a toxic receptacle, holding onto all negativity like a sponge.Do yourself a favor, spare yourself months of self-loathing and blame by instead giving yourself the gift of forgiveness. You are not letting the other person off the hook for hurting you, but you are lessening the grip betrayal has over you and allowing greater focus on the many positive points in your life that can help you move forward.While it’s easy to fall into the betrayal trap of massive mistrust towards your partner moving forward, be aware that projecting your fears will not help you heal.If you plan to stay with your partner, you’ll need to focus on rebuilding trust.

They also have a high need for acceptance and approval.Instead, free yourself from the blame game, live in the present, and move forward with productive, positive thoughts. Instead of punishing yourself and hanging on to the “story” of your betrayal, give yourself permission to heal, starting right this minute. Next, practice self-love, reminding yourself that you are a loving and caring individual who didn’t deserve to be betrayed.Next, start thinking about what you can learn from this agonizing experience.If your partner’s betrayal has you trapped in a prison of pain, blame, and resentment, it’s time to forgive yourself so that you can be free from the pain, confusion and anger.Yes, your life has been turned upside down, and yes, betrayal is unconscionably bad behavior.

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