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This probably only applies if you're a celebrity, not an average joe.Also be sure to mention your commenters by name - they'll be "thrilled", according to Facebook.The install with Photon Chat is really easy and all the advanced functionality just works.

Drop filtered messages When checked, Photon Chat messages that contain any not suitable word will not be returned.Every player starts at default and is given the same opportunity to express themselves when they join your community.Players that make positive contributions become trusted and are awarded with more open chat.Once saved the configured filter setup will be added to your Photon Chat application.You can then update it, deactivate it or remove it at any time from your dashboard. The following table shows data types supported by Photon Chat Filter and how each one is handled: Triggers are a very unique feature that allows you to decide when and how a player loses and gains trust.

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Use the options common to the Photon Cloud Chat Filter Add-On and the Community-Sift Enterprise setup to fine-tune what your app client and players are being returned in your chat rooms.

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