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However, the Bible does not actually say this, so we should not be dogmatic.[4] Some have argued that God's use of the rainbow as the sign of His covenant with Noah (Genesis -17) suggests that there were no rainbows, and therefore no clouds or rain, before the flood.However, if rainbows (and clouds) existed before the flood, this would not be the only time God used an existing thing as a special “new” sign of a covenant (e.g., bread and wine in the Lord's Supper).Likewise, the waters could be above the expanse and in the expanse, so we should be careful no to draw too much from these expressions. Was there an ancient vapor canopy around the Earth that shielded pre-Flood inhabitants from harmful radiation that causes everything from skin cancer, mutations, and more? Larry Vardiman suggested that much of the “waters above” could have been stored in small ice particles distributed in equatorial rings around the Earth similar to those around Venus.[9] The Genesis reference to the windows of heaven being opened has been interpreted as the collapse of such a water vapor canopy, which somehow became unstable and fell as rain.Volcanic eruptions associated with the breaking up of the fountains of the great deep could have thrown dust into the water vapor canopy, causing the water vapor to nucleate on the dust particles and make rain.The Hebrew word (mayan) translated “fountains” means “fountain, spring, well.”[1] So, the “fountains of the great deep” are probably oceanic or possibly subterranean sources of water.In the context of the flood account, it could mean both.Genesis 2:5 tells us that there was no rain before man was created.Some have suggested that there was no rainfall anywhere on the Earth until the time of the flood.

It is interesting that up to 70 percent or more of what comes out of volcanoes today is water, often in the form of steam.

We invite you to help these, some of the poorest children in the world, to have the means to a better life.

n telling us about the world-changing Flood in the days of Noah, the Bible gives us much information about where the waters came from and where they went. “Fountains of the deep” is used in Genesis 8:2, where it clearly refers to the same thing, and Proverbs , where the precise meaning is not clear.

The expression “windows of heaven” is used twice in reference to the flood (Genesis , 8:2).

It is used only three times elsewhere in the Old Testament: twice in 2 Kings 7:2 and 19, referring to God's miraculous intervention in sending rain, and once in Malachi , where the phrase is used again of God intervening to pour out abundant blessings on his people.

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Clearly, in Genesis the expression suggests the extraordinary nature of the rainfall attending the flood. We are told in Genesis 1:6-8 that on the second day of creation God divided the waters that were on the Earth from the waters that He placed above the Earth when He made a “firmament” (Hebrew: raqiya, meaning “expanse”) between those waters.[5] Many have concluded that this “expanse” was the atmosphere, because God placed the birds in the expanse, suggesting that the expanse includes the atmosphere where the birds fly. However, Genesis , speaking of the creation of the birds, says (literally) “let the birds fly above the ground across the face of the expanse of the heavens.”[6] This at least allows that “the expanse” may include the space beyond the atmosphere. Russell Humphreys has argued that since Genesis tells us that God put the sun, moon, and stars also “in the expanse of the heaven” then the expanse must at least include interstellar space, and thus the waters above the expanse of Genesis 1:7 would be beyond the stars at the edge of the universe.[7] However, prepositions (in, under, above, etc.) are somewhat flexible in Hebrew, as well as English.

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