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I think I was more offended that the drawing of 'Mr.

Greyhair' looked a lot more like me than that of the young mechanic!

Unfortunately, as soon as I put gas in the tank, it leaked on both sides far worse than the old one had!

The tank was supposed to have been fully sealed and tested by Renu before I bought it.

If so, I'll clean and re-install the old tank, and then work on getting the new tank sealed up.7 - Bleak Leak - There she is, all ready to go except for the spare tire.

Everything is polished, touched up, and beautiful to look at.

The end nut and a pinion spring were missing, but it looked OK otherwise.

I was able to find NOS Lucas items on e Bay and got them in earlier this week.

It wasn't until I started putting the starter back together tonight that I realized the Bendix gear was pretty badly chewed up.

e Bay came to rescue again, and I have a NOS Lucas part on the way, as well as a good used complete TC starter to rebuild as a spare.7 - Good News, Bad News - Given that the Coastal Virginia Auto Show is primarily a showcase for custom cars and hot rods, I did not expect Wildflower to get more than admiring glances.

However, she was selected for the Best Veteran's Car, which earned a really unique hand-made trophy. The bad came when I got ready to leave and starter broke with the car in the Convention Center lobby!

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