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SONGKRAN FESTIVAL (Month of April) As the most important date in the Thai calendar, the Thai New Year or Songkran is celebrated nationwide though various exciting events.

Get ready to be wet during this season, as splashing water is the norm throughout (better to bring your own water gun too)!

Jazz concerts serve to complement the artistic flavor of the series of events.

You can head on over to any of their renowned beaches—mainly Pattaya and Phuket, or go up north to Chiang Mai to usher in the New Year with an official countdown.

Bangkok also offers a load of parties that will definitely ensure that you start the New Year right with a bang!

BUN LUANG & PHI TA KHON FESTIVAL ( Month of June, Wat Phonchai, Loie) This is the biggest merit-making ceremony of Dan Sai District, featuring participants wearing fancy and colorful ghost masks with very pointy noses, dressing up in guilted costumes.

NEW YEAR CELEBRATION (December 31 – January 1) Thailand welcomes the New Year with various kinds of colorful events nationwide.

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The islands are best visited during the drier months of October through April.

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