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Most of this application was halted by the demand for uranium in the 1940’s, causing substitute materials to be applied.The application of uranium to produce fluorescence or irridescence in decorative glassware, such as vases or candleholders, is still being practiced.Since these products are ornamental in nature and not involved in food handling, they are exempt from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory controls, and are likely to represent much less of a public health risk than dinnerware.In the case of both decorative glassware and glazed ceramic products, some exposure of the public to ionizing radiation will result.In 1969 the entire Fiesta ware line was discontinued, and in its place the company produced what was known as Fiesta Ironstone. Years later, in 1986, a new line of Fiesta ware was introduced but without the red color.The latter, which was only manufactured in Fiesta red (aka Mango Red), didn’t last long. 1936 – 1943 Fiesta red was produced using natural uranium 1959 – 1969 Fiesta red Fiesta Ware was produced using depleted uranium 1969 – 1973 Fiesta red Fiesta Ironstone was produced using depleted uranium It is worth noting that the use of uranium to produce a red ceramic glaze was not limited to Fiesta ware.

Before the 1970s, many companies used radioactive minerals to color glazes.

How much glaze was employed per plate is unclear but it has been estimated that a single plate contains 4.5 grams of uranium.

Since this uranium could be used in the production of an atomic bomb, Fiesta red became a victim of World War II when the US government confiscated the company’s stocks of uranium.

Fiesta red disappeared until 1959 when production resumed, this time using depleted uranium (DU) rather than the original natural uranium.

The Fiesta red plate in the above photo was made from depleted uranium while the ivory plate was made from natural uranium.

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Exposure to the hands from the beta particles emitted by radionuclides in the ceramic glaze Using film badges, Menczer measured beta-gamma dose rates of 0.5 to 20 mrad/hr on contact with various items of glazed ceramic dinnerware.

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