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You could pay even more for 2A and 1A, the highest levels of 1st Class.But in general, if you stick with 2nd Class Sleeper, you’ll be able to travel around this great country for just a handful of dollars per trip while having a chance to meet and interact with all of the locals sharing the car with you.In some locations you can find such a private room for 150 Rps and in others, especially Mumbai, you might have to pay closer to 1000 Rps per night if you want a room with walls that reach the ceiling and mattresses that are thicker than a piece of cardboard.Here’s some more details about what kind of accommodation exists in India: Dorm Room: As cheap as it comes at around 50 – 100 Rps per night, poor conditions, questionably clean toilet facilities, usually men-only Budget Room: For 250 – 500 Rps per night you get a large bed with thin (often hard) mattress, sparse furniture, dirty walls, plug outlets that spark, somewhat clean private bathroom, sometimes with hot water shower (available during set times) Deluxe Budget Room: 500 Rps – 1000 Rps typically gets you a more spacious room, with 24 hour hot water, more comfy mattress, television, some furniture and more of a ‘hotel feel’ Deluxe Room: For 1000 Rps per night, you can get a nice room, usually still with some marks on the walls and less than sparkling bathroom, but with proper mattress, more furniture, perhaps a desk, large television, air-conditioning and hotel staff that are significantly more attentive India is a dream when it comes to food, as you can barely walk two meters without facing another street stall or restaurant serving up some kind of snack or dish that you suddenly want to devour.

The only exceptions are if you are traveling to Nepal or Sri Lanka.The food of the south is of an entirely different variety, with items such as dosas, uttapams, idlis and more to be found on the menus.For vegetarians, India is ideal with the majority of restaurants being ‘Veg-Only’ considering that a significant portion of the population is vegetarian.Also, if you are a citizen of the USA, Canada, UK or Australia, and you are applying for an Indian visa while in your home country, you must apply for that visa through the official visa outsourcing company that the local Indian Embassy or Consulate has contracted with.– US citizens must use Travisa Outsourcing – UK citizens must use VFS UK – Australian citizens must also use VFS Australia – Canadian citizens must use VFS Canada – For other nationalities, just check the visa requirements on your local Indian Embassy website Just to give an example of potential costs, for US Citizens, the 6-month multiple entry tourist visa costs USD (including processing fee) and the 5-year tourist visa (which I obtained this time around) costs 6 USD. So you get your visa…now it’s time to pay attention to the fine print.

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This would enable you to stay in low-end budget hotels, to eat simple meals at local eateries and to utilize local and government buses, as well as 3rd Class trains to get around.

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