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People who use it are not looking to put other races down; they are simply complimenting a race that has historically been subjected to criticism for centuries.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally aware that the statement could be misread and misconstrued.

It could be seen as a fetishizing or over-sexualizing of African-American bodies, a challenge the community has grappled with since slavery.

One could assume that we're reducing these loving relationships and these individuals to the single quality of their race.

" in which she offers a scathing review of the post and chastises the editorial team's lack of tact. However, it's painfully obvious that not only is Williams unfamiliar with the "once you go black, you never go back" phrase itself, she's ignorant to the colloquial nature of the statement within black culture as a whole.

When friends of mine sent me the inevitable "Have you seen this?Her privilege has veiled her perspective so much that she doesn't even take the time to ask if black people are offended.Instead, she states that of course all people MUST be offended by such a ghastly statement.Later, she pointed out that the headline hadn't been changed.But what she failed to realize is there is in fact no "wising up" that needs to take place.

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Meanwhile, some Twitter users shared their frustration of people going back on what they've said.

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