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“In the gym, the top five areas of focus for pass-catchers should be leg strength, coordination, endurance, speed, and power.” Improving power in your lower body is key to increasing speed and agility: “To improve speed you have to be strong—and no, I don’t mean just being able to squat 600 pounds,” says Holmes, who has previously trained NFL players like Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and San Diego Chargers cornerback Jason Verrett.

How to do it: Step into a lunge position with your left leg out front, knee bent, and thigh parallel to the ground.

Waterzooi is a chicken or fish stew-like dish, but she recreated a vegetarian version of it for the family using tofu instead of meat.She set herself a few rules - no repetition, a home-cooked evening meal and trying new ingredients and flavours, including spices.One recipe, for Tandoori Tofu Kebabs, saw her subtly introduce spice with ingredients the children already like.Plus, it’s a similar to the stance that a wide receiver would execute before accelerating.” What to do: 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps on a pullup bar.How to do it: Grab the pullup bar with your palms facing away from you (for pullups), stick out your chest, and start to bring your torso up to the bar.

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