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Keep this nifty diagram in mind when selecting your Balmer dream pad.

Green Public Transport: If you’re a sustainability buff but you can’t afford one of those fancy “carbon zero” eco-condos with wind turbines spinning and soybeans sprouting on the roof, then study the transit map for the Charm City Circulator, Balmer’s free and eco-friendly bus system. For Those About to Drive: Let’s say you desperately need to own a car (hypothetical scenario, I know).

But you might be able to snag a 2BR/1BA with a view for about 00/month in Locust Point.

Fed Hill will be slightly higher priced for the same.

Hampden’s a little more doable: one can usually find both 1BR and 2BR/1BA apartments (sometimes even row homes! Johns Hopkins, Charles Village, Woodberry, if you actually like suburbia, check out Homeland: it’s a less creepy-feeling planned neighborhood a little farther north.

Just be willing to drop at least a grand per month to drive past that fancy-pants sign to get to your 1BR.

Bolton Hill is a collegiate-stunner with two universities, gilded statues, historic architecture and peaceful tree-lined streets.Expect valet parking and all utilities included for 00/month (1BR/1BA) or 50/month (2BR/1BA).Second best in central Baltimore City is the Mount Vernon-Belvedere area.Lots of studios in this neighborhood, ranging from 0/month in some cases to 00/month for all-inclusive units.Double-up and it gets even less expensive: 2BR/1BAs regularly go for less than 00/month. That’s Locust Point; take a few steps to the left and you’re in West Federal Hill.

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If you simply can’t wait, consider the (newer, if possible) apartment complexes, which boast a higher turnover rate.

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