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With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 Armenia again emerged as an independent nation after centuries of foreign domination.In 1994 it issued its first coins as an independent nation in over 500 years!The new currency included a series of six undated coins released in 2006.Included is a bi-metallic 50 Qapik featuring oil derrick.In 1954 Crimea was transferred from Russia to Ukraine.

In 1921 it was made an autonomous republic within Russia.

After the Soviets regained control the entire population of Crimean Tatars, who had at one time made up a majority of the region, were forcibly deported.

Russian families were settled in Crimea to replace them.

Nobody had any experience first, there were no luxury boats in Soviet Russia for 70 years in a row.

So some manufacturers copy their works from the Western industry, but some go their unique, Russian way, creating something looking not alike to any other, like this one made for one of the Siberian governors.

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At the time Armenia was still under Soviet control and the ARF was in many ways serving as a government in exile to the Armenian community. The left-leaning political party advocated a unified, independent Armenia and was instrumental in the creation of the short-lived first Armenian Republic in 1918.

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