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Now, I’m not talking about having muscles and expensive cars Photoshoped into your pictures (have some pride, please don’t do that), but presenting yourself in a way that emphasizes your strengths, camouflages weaknesses and has that “Wow! What this actually means is that unless you’re seriously obese or have some major disfigurements, there’s no good reason to not look absolutely great in the pictures you use for dating profiles!And even if you fall under one of the categories above, there’s still no reason not to put your best foot forward.Now, you might be wondering something along the lines: “But I’m not over 6’4 ft.tall, I don’t look like a male underwear model, my trip to climb mount.My own profile currently gets around 80% match rate and I only “like” women I find very attractive (my profile pictures will be shown below).Again, how many will vary based on your location, in Toronto experiment it took one day to get the first message from a woman I rated highly.

By the way, if you have assets like physique of a Greek god or a face that makes women go wild just by glancing at you, good for you!You start scrolling to find someone remotely attractive but just get more and more frustrated with every mouse’s movement as the results are not getting any better.No point in getting angry at OKC or their matching algorithm, answering more questions won’t help either – you just need to face the fact that your profile (or, to be more exact, your pictures) is a male equivalent of a “very big-boned woman”.” Note: I was very tempted to share screenshots of my actual results (before and after) but decided against it for legal reasons, still feel free to personally contact me if you’d like to see them.This point not necessarily means that your picture is superb, but it does mean that it stands out and that’s a great place to start.

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There’s no hard number that means you have great photos, because it will vary based on your location, site you’re using any many other variables.

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