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This was shortened to “de Nimes” and denim was born. In 1873, he patented the riveting process, along with a tailor called Jacob Davis who came up with the idea, which was used to strengthen the corners of the pockets and stressed areas of the jeans.

In 1890 the patent expired and Levis began using the iconic 501 trademark. The famous red tab to the back right pocket was introduced later on in 1936.

Levi's manufactured prior to the 1980s would be considered vintage. Levi's manufactured in the mid-1970s and prior will have a single digit stamped onto them. An arcuate is denoted by two wide arcs joined together in the middle, similar to the top part of a traditional heart shape. Levi's that contain bar tacks on the corner pockets are at least 20 years old and may be even older.

Newer versions (as well as fake ones) have three digits stamped on the buttons. Older styles from the mid-1960s to the 1980s feature flat silver rivets with L. Maggie Hira has been writing professionally since 2006.

He initially used brown canvas and after exhausting the local canvas supply he sourced a material from France called Serge de Nimes.

These tabs first appeared in 1936, with the word 'LEVI’S' stitched in capital letters - but by 1971, only the letter 'L' was capitalized.

Levi's are a popular brand of jeans created by Levi Strauss and his partner, Jacob Davis, in the early 1870s.

As of 2010 the company headquartered in San Francisco, California now has 16,500 employees, 470 company operated stores, and over billion revenue.

Levi’s today continues to be an innovative leader and trendsetter of American fashion, style and culture.

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The most popular numbers on vintage versions are 2, 5, 6 and the letter W. She has written for numerous websites and print publications, including "LA. Hira holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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