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This means first that if you stop pushing, the object stops moving.

This certainly sounds like a reasonable rule for, say, pushing a box of books across a carpet, or an ox dragging a plough through a field.

This was unfortunate, because when Galileo questioned some of the assertions concerning simple physics, he quickly found himself in serious trouble with the Church.

Aristotle’s method of investigation: defining the subject matter considering the difficulties involved, by reviewing the generally accepted views on the subject, and suggestions of earlier writers presenting his own arguments and solutions This is the pattern modern research papers follow, Aristotle was laying down the standard professional approach to scientific research.

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Natural Motion and Violent Motion Things also move because they are pushed.In contrast, air moves up (bubbles in water), and fire goes upwards most strongly of all, since it shoots upward through air.This general theory of how elements move has to be elaborated, of course, when applied to real materials, which are mixtures of elements.Plato’s Academy had the equivalent of a university mathematics department, Aristotle had the first science department, truly excellent in biology, but, as we shall see, a little weak in physics.After Aristotle, there was no comparable professional science enterprise for over 2,000 years, and his work was of such quality that it was accepted by all, and had long been a part of the official orthodoxy of the Christian Church 2,000 years later.

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[Aristotle himself likely would not have minded later thinkers disagreeing with him; in his lifetime Aristotle would change his mind, if he found new information or a more logical argument.] In contrast to Plato, who felt the only worthwhile science to be the contemplation of abstract forms, Aristotle practiced detailed observation and dissection of plants and animals, to try to understand how each fitted into the grand scheme of nature, and the importance of the different organs of animals.

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