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For a good overview of the evidence of contact between Egypt and Sumer during the 4th-3rd millennia BC, including evidence for the use of the land route for this contact (at least by the 3rd millennium BC), see here.UPDATE: New visitors coming from Rohl’s FB page, see this post (added PM EST).

On the assumption that Dynasties 21 to 25 were consecutive, early scholars dated them approximately 1070–665 B.

I have no personal axe to grind against David Rohl, as I simply have not read much of what he writes.

The idea that I am “a jealous ‘David Rohl wannabe'”, proposed by one commentator, is ridiculous- I want any chronological revisionism I may make (such as the downdating of the destruction of Ekron from 604 BC to the early 580s BC) to be accepted by the scholarly community, not, as most of David Rohl’s chronological revisionism, be rejected by the scholarly community!

At least one commentator attacked peer review (the worst system of accepting or rejecting papers, except all the others), for not allowing change, completely ignoring the examples of successful chronological revisionists I gave!

The crank Robert Bauval called me a jerk not deserving attention.

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