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After a thorough search without success, the Air Force declared the 23-year-old pilot officially dead. Guant and dressed in tattered and filthy clothing, he had made his way to a camp in the backcountry of Kings Canyon National Park, east of Fresno, California.He described that when something in the plane exploded he briefly black out, but came to in time to eject from the plane, badly injuring both ankles when he landed.Later that year on September 29th, Fossett’s identification cards were discovered in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California by a hiker.A few days later, the crash site was discovered—approximately 65 miles from where the aviator initially took off.The competitors follow an oval path around pylons, with distances and speeds depending on the class of aircraft. Leeward, was the 20th pilot to die at the races since it began 47 years ago, but Friday's crash was the first where spectators were killed.Some of the injured described being coated in aviation fuel that burned.When the plane was finally found, it was resting 190 feet below the water with its five crew members still at their stations.In the meantime, Clinton Hester, the father of the co-pilot, Robert Hester in the first missing plane began a private search for his son that would last for the next 14 years.

Seat: The P-51 Mustang airplane is shown right before crashing at the Reno Air show on Friday.Throughout these many years, many of the missing planes were flown by experienced pilots and disappeared under mysterious circumstances, with the wreckage never found.One such plane to go missing with that of a record-setting aviator, sailor, and adventurer named Steve Fossett on September 3, 2007.Within this rugged wilderness is the mysterious, top-secret Area 51.Along with the dozens of conspiracy theories which include UFO’s and paranormal activity that surrounds the air force base, similar theories have long been considered regarding the Nevada Triangle.

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Fossett, flying a single-engine Bellanca Super Decathlon over Nevada’s Great Basin Desert, took off and never returned.

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