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Based on an aerial theme these images are deliberately selected for our Floorink range and are perfect for floors.Although they would also make amazing walls and focal-point canvases and blinds too.Graphic statements are proving very popular so if you need something with an authentic "wow" factor what better than the London Underground map.Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse and Pete Docherty were captured on wallpaper for the Heart & Soul bar in Altrincham through Purple Penguin Design.Devised in the 1930'S the London Underground map is one of the classic designs of the 20th Century.Now, through Printed Space, this fabulous piece of iconic imagery is available for you to use on wallpaper and flooring.We printed a World Map, converted to blue tones for a room set featured at this years Ideal Home show, and the photos were shown in this month's magazine.Click here for more details These unique old style maps are perfect for creating stylish feature walls and floors for the home, the office and commercial spaces.

We are now pleased to be able to offer our clients a more environmentally friendly print option when it comes to photo murals and printed wallpapers.

The possibilities are endless for all areas including retail environments, commercial premises and educational establishments.

The play area, pool and fine dining experience are off limits whilst a fatal accident inquiry takes place. oh wood pigeons have dropped more messages on my new top hat…

A range of Melanie’s patterns can be custom made to fit any size floor space.

London Evening Standard reader offer as featured in home expert Alison Cork’s Really Useful column - get a 30% discount off custom made world map wallpapers until 22nd November 2012.

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Printed Space use your images and designs to create one off wallpapers, blinds, canvas art prints and now - vinyl cushion flooring. We are building a vast image and data bank to help your design ideas come to life - and if we don't have it, then we will help you find the perfect picture.

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