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Knutzen dissuaded Kant from the theory of pre-established harmony, which he regarded as "the pillow for the lazy mind".

He also dissuaded Kant from idealism, the idea that reality is purely mental, which most philosophers in the 18th century regarded in a negative light.

In his view, the mind shapes and structures experience so that, on an abstract level, all human experience shares certain essential structural features.

Among other things, Kant believed that the concepts of space and time are integral to all human experience, as are our concepts of cause and effect.

These included the Critique of Practical Reason (Kritik der praktischen Vernunft, 1788), the Metaphysics of Morals (Die Metaphysik der Sitten, 1797), which dealt with ethics, and the Critique of Judgment (Kritik der Urteilskraft, 1790), which looks at aesthetics and teleology.

(1697–1737), was also born in Königsberg to a father from Nuremberg.

Kant argues that the human mind creates the structure of human experience, that reason is the source of morality, that aesthetics arises from a faculty of disinterested judgment, that space and time are forms of human sensibility, and that the world as it is "in-itself" is independent of humanity's concepts of it.

He had a circle of friends whom he frequently met, among them Joseph Green, an English merchant in Königsberg.

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(The theory of transcendental idealism that Kant developed in the Critique of Pure Reason is not traditional idealism and the Critique's second part even argues against traditional idealism.) His father's stroke and subsequent death in 1746 interrupted his studies.

Kant left Königsberg shortly after August 1748 He became a private tutor in the towns surrounding Königsberg, but continued his scholarly research.

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