Dating guide lines

While dating you should always respect both yourself and your date by refraining from thinking, saying or doing anything that stimulates feelings of desire and arousal.

Keeping the law of chastity while dating is one of the most important ways to remain worthy when preparing for a mission and/or a temple marriage.

If you are unsure, at least wait until you are sure of that person's character.

A good question to ask yourself when contemplating a possible date is to ask yourself if the person lives gospel standards.

Set a date for your next in-person meeting, and then for the next one, and then for the one after that.

Whatever you do, don't keep muddling around in cyberspace. Because while online dating can be a useful tool for initiating contact with another person – the internet is the place to develop meaningful and lasting relationships. You and your young lady friend would be wise to allow yourselves at least a year to work on this, and to put a great deal of conscious effort into it.

The chances for a happy, healthy temple marriage are much greater if you only date other Latter-day Saints who uphold the same standards.

It is better to not date then to date someone who does not respect you.The time will eventually come when you will be ready to prepare for temple marriage through steady dating and courtship.Until then, choose to uphold your standards and follow the Lord's counsel while dating. We've both expressed an interest in exploring this relationship further, but so far we've never met in person.Do you have any advice as to how we should proceed?

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