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The intention of the creators of GBD was to make meerschaum pipes.Details of their early production is scarce, but they made carved heads,‘simpler’ models which included a fair proportion of bents of traditional meerschaum style, and similar shapes to the then familiar clay pipes, which we would recognise as Dublins or Belges, with a sprinkling of early Bulldogs.The partners must have been busy: they show the brand establishing itself in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. At the start of the ‘briar age’, GBD used only the best quality although after a time a second slightly lower quality became necessary to meet rapidly growing demand.

He was incidentally a keen pipesmoker and may well have owned one or more early GBDs.

It was a bold decision as these were troubled times in France.

Charles Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte has returned after the 1848 revolution and become President of the Republic.

This is the kind of information I am always on the lookout for because of the historical connection it gives to the pipes I smoke, collect and refurbish. I formatted it to fit in a Word document, added some photos of old advertisements and done minor editing in terms of punctuation.

– Editor A number of pipe brands owe their introduction and continuation to craftsmen who gave the family name to their product and were followed for several generations by their descendants. The founders did give their names, but the ‘family’ was a partnership of men of similar skills and equal purpose of mind.

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In an initial attempt to comply with US patent law, Sasieni moved the one blue dot to the side of the pipe.

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