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‘We only had each other and I don’t doubt the effort she put into just surviving.

She was a singer who had to work in bars to earn extra money.’‘The room was full of old drunks mingling with strippers draped in feather boas, and gangsters, but there was also a kind of romance about the place.

Prior to June 2016, online bills included separate charges for usage, stormwater, sewer and late fees as well as cubic feet used.

Bills after that date only show current charge but included new items such as delinquent balances and alerts indicating suspension of service or shutoff warnings.

‘But she wasn’t really in a position to do that – both because of our slightly haphazard living circumstances and the effect it might have on me – and, anyway, I don’t think she was sure that it would be the right thing for him.

About ten years later, when I’d become a bit famous, it did occur to me that he might come out of the woodwork looking for me.

The name resonated with me and I’ve been Suggs ever since.’Suggs was 15 and standing outside a cinema when he spontaneously burst into a rendition of Jailhouse Rock. My Girl went to No 3 in the charts in 1979 when Suggs was just 18 and a string of more than 20 hits followed.

‘She was doing what she thought was the right thing,’ he adds.I wondered what my reaction would be, but I was never put to the test.’ In fact Mac was released from hospital and moved to Birmingham where he briefly married again, but died in 1975 at the age of 40 from a variety of drug-related conditions.His second wife died a year later from a drug overdose.On his 50th birthday in January, he was lying in his bath in the large Victorian house he shares with his wife Anne – better known as singer Bette Bright – in Holloway, North London, trying to get over an epic hangover. Suggs is the only child of photographic pro-cessor William ‘Mac’ Mc Pherson and his jazz-singer wife, Edith.‘She’s always been known as Eddie, although she’s taken to calling herself Edwina in recent years,’ he says. She wasn’t opposed to having the occasional laugh when drink was involved. But she couldn’t deal with her husband’s habit, especially when I came along.’Mac left home when Suggs was three.

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