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We’ll flat out say it — there is something about cruising that puts people in the mood.First off, it’s a vacation and people usually set aside their inhibitions for a while as they relax and forget about home.They will still be in the area and you will be able to hear them going about their work.If you are the type that is easily distracted, we suggest figuring out what time of day housekeeping comes and finding something else to do during that time.Finally, the alcohol flows freely while on the ship, which helps spark the fire.That’s not to say that a cruise ship turns into a Hedonistic paradise (there are plenty of families around, after all).

A second ship brings the romance to Europe and the Caribbean.As we just mentioned, you can usually hear people outside your door while you are in your cabin. While we know that not everyone can help but being a little louder during sex, you have to remember that you are in a small, confined space with lots of people around.Not everyone wants to hear what you do in the privacy of your cabin (especially if it happens late at night).For the respect of everyone on board, keep the fun in the cabin.(Note: .)If you’re a single cruiser, you might think that the cute bartender or waiter could be interested in meeting up after hours. There are explicit rules barring cruise staff from hooking up with passengers.

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