Dating code ethics

The welfare of the client is central to all considerations in the trainer-client relationship.

The trainer should not discriminate against clients based on race, color, sex, gender, age, national origin, religion, or on any other basis that would constitute illegal discrimination.

Trainers should respect and cooperate with other trainers, fitness instructors, and allied health professionals.

They should not participate in activities of a professional nature, nor represent themselves as qualified to perform tasks, which are outside the scope of their respective profession.

The trainer has an obligation to obtain the informed consent of each client or comply with rules of governing organizations.

In obtaining informed consent for any course of physical measurement or activity, the trainer should present to the client, or to the person legally responsible for the client, in understandable terms, pertinent facts and recommendations consistent with good professional practice.

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As a member of society, trainers must respect all governing laws.

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