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Being more careful when having sex might have been a good idea, presuming you weren’t planning on conceiving.Fourth, because you’re emotional and reeling, you’re conflating any warm feelings for your ex-boyfriend as evidence that he was “the one that got away.” You’re forgetting a few things: 1) He’s your ex-boyfriend for a reason, 2) You have a husband, 3) Your ex was merely being human and comforting you – it doesn’t mean he’s your soulmate. And if it’s just not going to work because you simply married a selfish, insensitive, tone-deaf man, then you can and should get a divorce – but NOT to crawl back to your ex.The ONLY thing that your ex’s behavior has cemented is the contrast between him and your current husband. Given the gravity of the situation – an 8 ½ month old child – I would do everything in your to attempt to make your relationship better. Use your single status and freedom to get into therapy yourself.Read the book, “Kiss Your Fights Goodbye,” so you can have an honest, meaningful conversation about your relationship without attacking him. You’ve already proven to make short-sighted emotional decisions, and mistake your ex’s kindness for a declaration of love. You’re comforted by your ex because while he is a good person, your husband is a selfish guy who really couldn’t careless about your feelings.I have been married for the last 2 1/2 years and I have an 8-month old son.I found out that my husband had been cheating on me during our first year of marriage.I told my husband that she had died and all he could say was “sorry”.

I became indifferent towards my husband and I began to distance myself from him. So at Christmas, I decided to leave him and it was a complete surprise to him. I moved back to Texas to live with my parents for a bit then I found out I was pregnant.

I decided to stay with him and try to work things out.

Shortly after I found out he had been cheating, my whole world fell apart when my sister-in-law suddenly died in a car accident.

Yes, there are SO many types of birth control and options it can be overwhelming.

The fact of the matter is that choosing the right birth control has a ton of factors to consider from your goal, your abilities, your health, your future plans and so forth.

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Here's a primer to help you sort through the options and find what's best for you: Best for the women who crave a schedule: Any birth control you’d like.

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