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Take a peak again at four measures before G, and we will see the graceful, delicate, and nimble way that Tchaikovsky uses the oboe slightly off the the beat to answer the beautiful main theme in the 1st violin.

During these years, he attended the Eastern Music Festival twice, studying timpani with John Feddersen, and in his senior year was one of six timpanists selected to participate in the Vic Firth Timpani Seminar at the Tanglewood Music Center. Lynch has also played timpani on the Gramercy Brass Orchestra’s of New York recording of “Brubeck in Brass. Lynch completed his Masters of Music Education and Supervisor’s Certificate, also at Rutgers. Lynch was a finalist for the College of New Jersey’s Outstanding Educator’s Program in 2006, as well as a finalist for Yale University’s Distinguished Music Educator’s Program in 2011. He serves as the chair of the Essex County Honor Band and NJSMA Marching Band.

From there we tackle basic triplet rhythms, and from that point on all bets are off: 6/8, 9/8, 7/8, hemiola, poly-rhythms, shifting meters,etc.

You name it, we try it~ I am actually in pure amazement on how well my classes have handled these activities this year, and I am even more grateful that they apply these skills to to their daily musicking.

In October 2017, VHS will host the inaugural NJSMA Marching Band Festival!

The VHS Concert Band was the first school group to play the iconic “Wednesday’s at Noon Concert Series” at the Cathedral Basilica and was hailed by the staff as the “highlight of the series”, in addition to an iconic performance at Carnegie Hall in March of 2013 as part of the Eastern Wind Symphony Symphonic Gala. In my classroom this year, I found myself wanting to embrace a lot of new teaching methodologies that allowed students to risk-take in a safe, encouraging environment.

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