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Cancer and Libra are another great combination as both are focused on home and family.

When these two get together talk centers around marriage, hearth and babies.

Leo is another sign that seeks Cancer out for the adoration and applause Cancer will give to Leo.The flashback unveils the story of Ghani who changes because of Indu(Neha Oberoi) who inturns changes getting courage from Ghani.Ghani finally moves against Khan who tries to kill Children in an orphanage. Ghani and Indu finally reach Agra, Indu's home town where it is revealed that Rajeshwari Devi is actually Indu's mother. The next day Balu accepts Indu's love but at the same time Khan's rowdy's kill Indu.Balu makes Nayudamma believe him by saving him from a planned bomb blast.When Khan arrives he realises that Balu is none other than Ghani, who worked under him few years back.

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  1. On the tenth anniversary of the CW’s flagship series, A decade ago this fall, just as social media was fracturing pop culture into a million pieces, a pair of sophomore show-runners, a start-up network, and a cast of barely of-age millennials aligned to capture one last old-fashioned teenage zeitgeist.

  2. The investigation began after Joseph Turner, founder and executive director for American Children First, posted a blog Thursday on the nonprofit's website targeting Mathis (R-Visalia) and raising sexual assault allegations."This is according to a highly credible and well-placed source who provided us with written assurance that they would reaffirm these statements with legal authorities, if asked," Turner said.

  3. I found this easier than I expected as I seemed to go into nursey mode. I'm bursting into tears at nothing and I've got a lot of emotions I don't know how to express or ease.