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Whether it’s cross country, enduro or downhill, the women in any mountain bike race will We’re not suggesting that mountain biking is a bastion of sexual equality, but if professional cyclists aren’t competing on an equal playing field, how can you ever expect it to trickle down to amateur level?

Dating a mountain biker sounds great on paper, but while the sport is certainly awesome, a relationship with someone obsessed with it can often come with a bit of extra baggage…

OK so you have to pile into the car before you start riding, but at the end of the ride you’re always glad you did it.

From becoming a ‘shuttle bitch’ to playing second fiddle to bike racks and maintenance, this guy feels the full force of what it can be like to date a mountain-mad biker. Rémy Métailler Shows The Best Way To Close Out The MTB Season… That doesn’t mean that road cyclists should just ignore mountain biking. So how about next time you go for a ride you ditch the power meter, forget about training zones and just enjoy being out on your bike in the fresh air?In fact, British Cycling recommends that road cyclists try some mountain biking as part of their winter training. Could you learn from their mindset, skills and habits…? Remember when you were a kid and you rode your bike because it was a fun thing to do? Without training for another, longer ride the following week? Even mountain bikers can appreciate the satisfaction that can be gained from summiting a big climb. You live in one of your parent’s homes, eat their food, owe them money, and still manage to own 4 bikes. You can’t understand the appeal of hiking in the woods. When you encounter a bear in the woods, you can’t decide whether to stand in front of, or behind your bike. You seriously consider a 30 year state retirement at 60% of current salary instead of a 34 year at 90% because you’re 52 years old and want to maximize your riding years. You like watching all the dirt go down the drain in the shower after you have ridden. You could never be a leg model because your legs have too many scars, scrapes, and bruises. You picked the area you live in based on the potential for single track.

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