Dating a man who travels a lot piercing intimidating titan

Dating is such a conservative and traditional notion of modern society and we travelers are everything opposite of that. We are travelers, some people love us, most hate us, few comprehend us. Or expect him to understand that the random dudes in future pictures are just random travellers I met on the road?

New conversation topics allow for interesting conversations.

Some of my favourite people in the world are travellers – they’re fun to go out drinking with, always have a great story and if I was ever stuck in an elevator (again), I have a long list of ‘wanderlusters’ that I could happily chat with before hitting the panic alarm button.

So why is having a boyfriend who travels such a great idea?

When I went back home on the Sunday, I was sure this was it.

I was happy, it was perfect, and as it had been over three months already I felt it was time to figure out what we were doing.

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