Dating a hotwife

I led Lanna over to the couch and we sat down.“Well that’s pretty naughty.” I said, looking for more detail. ”I slid my finger into Lana’s pussy and it was hot, wet and sticky.“That’s not the naughty part.”"Well, what was the naughty part? "The naughty part was when they took turns fucking me in the back seat.”At first I felt a little hurt and maybe even a little mad but enormously turned on and my head was spinning with lust! “Oh yes baby I like naughty girls.” “Well I am a naughty girl.”I pulled up her dress and saw dried cum on her bush and around her pussy.Over the next few weeks we had sex once or twice a day as I introduced my willing and able lover to some wild sex.Lana lived with her folks but spent a few nights a week and some weekends at my place.

I tried to be cool and not call right away but couldn’t help myself and called the very next morning and asked her to lunch.I drove like a wild man and she held my hand as we walked into my house and I hoped she didn’t notice the bulge in my crotch.I poured us both a glass of wine and Lana pulled a joint from her purse and in no time we were naked and having the most amazing sex on the floor…on the couch…on the patio, and finally on the bed that lasted almost three hours.I said hello and we started talking and was smitten right away.Her flirty long lashes and red lipstick drove me nuts but what really got me was that she was so shy and sweet.

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She accepted right away and we made plans to pick her up at the mall where she worked.

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