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Libertarianism really is incompatible with democracy. Most libertarians have made it clear which of the two they prefer.The only question that remains to be settled is why anyone should pay attention to libertarians., with an unmistakable direction.Once certain enlightened truths have been found self-evident, there can be no turning back, and conservatism is pre-emptively condemned – predestined — to paradox. What could an Old Whig be, if not a reactionary progressive? Of course, plenty of people already think they know what reactionary modernism looks like, and amidst the current collapse back into the 1930s their concerns are only likely to grow.

Hoppe advocates an anarcho-capitalist ‘private law society’, but between monarchy and democracy he does not hesitate (and his argument is strictly Hobbesian): As a hereditary monopolist, a king regards the territory and the people under his rule as his personal property and engages in the monopolistic exploitation of this “property.” Under democracy, monopoly and monopolistic exploitation do not disappear.

He owns its current use – – but not its capital stock. To the contrary, it makes exploitation less calculating and carried out with little or no regard to the capital stock.

Exploitation becomes shortsighted and capital consumption will be systematically promoted.

There were ages of darkness, and then enlightenment came.

Clearly, advance has demonstrated itself, offering not only improvement, but also a model.

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  2. Ledger raked leaves with neighbors and skateboarded around town in his familiar pink ski hat; Williams shopped for art for Matilda’s nursery and threw fund-raisers for a local antidevelopment group.

  3. That case was ultimately tossed out of federal court and remanded to state court, where it is ongoing. To close out the subject of civil lawsuits as a way to hold companies accountable for sloppy security, class actions — even when successful — rarely result in much of a financial benefit for affected consumers (very often the “reward” is a gift card or two-digit dollar amount per victim), while greatly enriching law firms that file the suits.

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