Creating self updating applications with the net framework

Meaning, you already know 50% of the recipients editing routine. Removing a recipient is as accessing a Mail Item‘s Recipients collection and calling the Remove method.Unfortunately, you can’t pass the name of the recipient you want to remove.

Let’s just say that Outlook’s autofill feature is not your friend and is not to be trusted. We’ll follow tradition here and begin with the parent collection.

Instead, you need to loop through the Recipients collection and compare the Recipient. I’m looping backwards because if I remove an item, the collection’s Count property lowers. Exchange has a peculiar habit of return nonsensical strings when you access the Recipient. The best method is to access a MAPI property that will reliably provide you with the SMTP email address.

Thus, it’s best to start counting at the highest number and work to the lowest. The sample above moves through the Recipients collection and builds a string containing all recipient emails. Property Accessor and its Get Property method (along with the correct MAPI property).

The FCL wraps much of the massive, complex Win32 API into more simple . Visual Studio provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for developers to create standalone Windows applications, interactive Web sites, Web applications, and Web services running on any platform that supports .

One of the most of challenging steps in the development of coupled hydrodynamic-biogeochemical models is the combination of multiple, often incompatible computer codes that describe individual physical, chemical, biological and geological processes.

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