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A pathologist in the Dade medical examiner's office believed that cocaine -- combined with sexual intercourse -- killed them. That's when police asked Medical Examiner Joseph Davis to personally review and re-examine autopsy reports.

Alcala was convicted of murder after less than two days of juror deliberations. "I went to run an errand, checking on more drugs, " Williams said. Williams wanted money for the drugs and Grays told him to come back later, Williams said. In jail, Williams reads law books and thinks about the appeal for his rape case."I got some more drugs and went back" only to find the door locked. "When I came back, wasn't nobody in the room, so I laid back, snorted coke, watched TV, dozed off and police came knocking on the door." Just outside the door, Grays' mostly nude body was found in a stairwell. In the interview, he talked at length about discrediting some of the witnesses who testified in the rape trial, but he always returned to the murder cases.Tony Rodriguez, the city's lead investigator in the serial murder investigation."We just have more evidence on some than others." Or, enough evidence to prosecute him in one. In the 1984 asphyxiation of Patricia Johnson, 19, lab scientists recently matched Williams' genetic code to semen taken from Johnson's body. Told about Williams' interview, she asked if he had confessed.

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Wearing prison-issue red pants, an unbuttoned red shirt, white T-shirt, a gold stud earring in his left ear and a white stretch cap that was knotted at the crown of his head, he rattled on for two hours about everything from nitty-gritty details in his cases to jail life. The police, the state attorney, everybody, they want a serial killer so it can be the first time they got a black person besides Wayne Williams that they can say is a serial killer." Wayne Williams, no relation, is the convicted killer in the high-publicity Atlanta child murders. I went back to the world, started to do drugs and going around with women." He said he was straight with women about his intentions.

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