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He regularly contributes to the welfare of children and society.

@corbinbleu - 2/1/18 pm Cant believe its been 10 years of #Phineasand Ferb! #Phineasand Ferb10 #TBT https:// @corbinbleu - 1/29/18 pm Who else has done the ketogenic diet?

The 26-year-old bride expressed her delight with their ceremony by saying: “Today was the most perfect day. ” Dating since 2011, Corbin and Sasha were engaged in 2014.

With curly hair signature and a huge reputation as High School Musical star, Corbin Bleu easily is the target of commercialism.

It’s unclear if any of his former Disney castmates were in attendance.

Recognizing a diamond in the rough, his parents brought him to a larger city in 1996 whereby he would be able to stretch his wings and take his career to the next level.

Before High School Musical star Corbin Bleu became a teenage heartthrob at age 16, he was an aspiring entertainer who was teased for choosing ballet shoes over cleats.

The young star is made the first celebrity to design a customized channel on called Disney XD.

The online page highlights his selection of games, videos, music and of course, his debut album 'Another Side'.

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Two-years-old Corbin stole the attention when his cute toddler face graced commercials like Bounty, Hasbro, Life breakfast cereal and Nabisco.

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