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One example would be combining budgets from various departments into one company-wide budget.This may be common for an analyst or manager working in financial planning and analysis (FP&A) or other accounting functions.The disadvantage: This method is very troublesome if you have to deal with several worksheets or cell ranges.On the other hand: For just a few ranges it’s probably the fastest way.We are trying to cover technique to combine excel files in a single sheet when the data is saved in separate files in a location. Now think if you open the file one by one and manually combine excel files, how long time will it take?

Step 4: Select the method of consolidation (in our example it’s Sum).The next method comes with some disadvantages and is a little bit more complicated.It works, if you got your files in a systematic file order and just want to import some certain values.Sub merge Files() 'Merges all files in a folder to a main file. 'Define variables: Dim number Of Files Chosen, i As Integer Dim temp File Dialog As file Dialog Dim main Workbook, source Workbook As Workbook Dim temp Work Sheet As Worksheet Set main Workbook = Application.

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Active Workbook Set temp File Dialog = Dialog(mso File Dialog File Picker) 'Allow the user to select multiple workbooks temp File Dialog. Selected Items(i) Set source Workbook = Active Workbook 'Copy each worksheet to the end of the main workbook For Each temp Work Sheet In source Workbook.

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