Consolidating multiple spreadsheets into one methods pregnancy dating

Line 42 assigns the target worksheet, named “data” in this example, to wks Src. On the first loop, we want to include the headers, but each subsequent time we do NOT want to include the headers.

Exploration continues on lines 46-47, where we take advantage of the functions (which are defined at the very bottom as well as in the VBA Toolbelt, which you should be using) to easily identify the last-occupied row and last-occupied column on the source Worksheet. By dynamically determining the last column and last row on each loop, we can be confident that we’re getting all the data from each Worksheet. On lines 60-62, we check to see if this is NOT the first iteration. Each loop after the first, we adjust rng Src to skip the first row like this: Nice!

I found this Macro / Add-In online that gets me close to what I need using the open files add in choice. Worksheets(total) Go To exit For: Next sheet exit For: Workbooks(file Name).

We used this same exact row number back on line 78, so we essentially copy that logic and assign lng Dst First File Row to be lng Dst Last Row 1. Now that we know the first row and the last row of the range of cells that will need to be populated with the file name, all that’s left to do is get the right column number!

For example One.xlsx, Two.xlsx, Three.xlsx, each contain information on their respective Sheet1.

I need the information on Sheet1 from each workbook to be combined into a single workbook with sheets that are named from the file name of the original workbook.

(You’ll want to change this to your folder, but in this example we are targeting Worksheet. (That’s what the asterisk character, “*”, is doing there at the end of the line.) Lines 22 through 25 store each file name inside a ” strategy also makes it really easy to verify that the loop worked and pulled in the data we expected, which you can check for yourself by un-commenting lines 27-31.

Let’s keep it moving though 🙂 With those file names stored neatly in col File Names, we begin looping through it on line 35.

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