Computer not updating daylight savings time

As on the wiring diagram, Pins 4 and 5 on the Arduino need to connect to pins 1 and 2 on the display connector respectively.

These are used for something called Cable Select or ‘CS’.

It's almost certain that the issue is somewhere on Google's side, and we can only hope that it is resolved soon and that our devices' battery stats are returned to normal.

There are only 4 wires needed between the Arduino and the first LED display. You’ll notice each display has 2 connectors on the back.Make sure you get the newer version of the display which is based on the Holtek HT1632C chip.You can tell the newer displays as they have the controller chip and DIP switches on the back.You can choose between green or red panels with 3mm or 5mm LED’s .An Arduino runs the main code and a DS1307 clock chip keeps time, even when the power is off. 2 x Sure 2416 LED Matrix You can get these from e Bay for around each.

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