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Whether or not they buy the reasoning behind it, many readers will think Mr Wolfe’s call for active government is now merely pushing at an open door.Faster than anyone expected, the argument among liberals has shifted.Liberal politics, on his account, is rooted in a view of what matters in a human life.A gifted guide, he opens with a brisk Grand Tour of the liberal tradition.Making enemies of freedom and equality ignores, in his view, the democratic presumption that any one person’s liberty matters as much as the next person’s.It is deaf also to the fact that modern citizens’ freedoms are often limited by big social forces beyond their control.For nigh on 30 years conservative Republicans persuaded American voters that liberals were godless, amoral, tax-happy hypocrites.

At times, government is overweening and ought to be cut back.Alan Wolfe, a professor of politics at Boston College, thinks it time to reunite them.His welcome and readable essay lays out what he thinks liberalism really amounts to and why it demands support.At others, active government is required to steady markets, help the needy or serve the public good.Put abstractly, government may be called on to foster or restore equal liberty. He defends liberals against the charge that they seek, illiberally, to keep religion and morals out of public life.

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