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Its southern margin, particularly in the southern Mongolia and Inner Mongolia (SMIM), shows an extensive distribution of alkaline granites.Study of these granites could shed light on long-debated hypotheses on the late Paleozoic tectonic evolution of this region. Whole-rock geochemical analyses show chemical characteristics typical of alkaline granites.Get Started #Speak4RAINN and a matching donation campaign in support of RAINN’s programs coincide with the release of Speak: The Graphic Novel, adapted from Laurie Halse Anderson’s original novel Speak and illustrated by Emily Carroll. The JPL promotes academic and cultural excellence in a warm and accessible space where knowledge and information are shared in multiple formats.A novel approach is the combination of both KPD and desensitization to facilitate compatible and successful transplantation.A highly sensitized patient can be paired with a better immunological match in the KPD pool and subsequently desensitized to a lesser degree.

Live donor donation accounts for 1/3rd of all kidney transplants performed in the United States.

KPD is the exchange of donors between at least two incompatible donor-recipient pairs such that they are now compatible.

Desensitization is the removal of circulating donor specific antibodies to prevent graft rejection.

Send a tweet, write an email, and let legislators know what matters to you.

#Act With RAINN to help us protect survivors and prevent sexual violence.

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Through our Main Library, our Children’s Library, our world renowned Archives, our Cultural Programming for adults and children, and our Multimedia Centre, we connect every demographic of our diverse community to the world – while bringing the world to our community. At any given time, scholars, students and friendly neighbours just stopping by to read the daily newspaper, can all be found in the JPL's warm and inviting reading, study, multimedia and reference spaces.

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