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But then their issues become a little more serious than a simple manipulated scheme. Rufus and Lily – once high-school sweethearts – have found love again in between their divorces, deaths of spouses and despite their loved up children.Dan and Serena are not just lovers who can’t seem to make it work, but they’re potential step-brother and sister. And as if it can’t get more messed up than that, they discover that they have a half-brother! Dan and Serena go to great lengths to ensure the other is suffering in their absence, or they’re being manipulated back into their arms. After Jenny (Taylor Momsen) returned home, Vanessa continued to see Nate (Chase Crawford) on the sly. But when the two were caught red-handed by Gossip Girl, their secret was out. Serena starts dating outsider Dan Humphrey—except they don't know that Dan's father, Rufus Humphrey, used to date Serena's mom, Lily van der Woodsen, a long time ago.

The season ends with conniving Georgina Sparks, Serena's former friend, coming back to the Upper East and revealing that she was with Serena the night S slept with Nate—also, a man died in Serena's presence while they were doing drugs, and the whole thing was caught on tape. Season Two Blair starts dating royalty (of course she does), and it makes Chuck jealous. Serena is headed to Brown, Nate is going to Columbia, and Blair, Dan, Vanessa, and Georgina are going to NYU. Season Three Blair and Chuck start off the season madly in love. They run away together, then get in a car crash, and Tripp runs off. Dan starts dating Vanessa again—even though he still has feelings for Serena—but she starts dating her professor at Columbia.Jenny got her revenge by humiliating Vanessa in a see through dress at the ball. In grown-up land, Lily (Kelly Rutherford) and Rufus (Matthew Settle) were still down playing their age-old love for each other. Too bad Little J didn’t know that Vanessa felt so bad for intercepting Nate’s love letter that she broke up with him for Jenny. After witnessing Jenny’s true colors, Nate picked Vanessa anyway. But when Lily finally decided to leave Bart Bass, there was a terrible accident — and another cliffhanger. Lily clearly still has a thing for Rufus and his ability to make delicious waffles, but she's dating power-hungry Bart Bass, Chuck's dad.(They eventually marry.)Dan's best friend Vanessa Abrams arrives back in New York, making Serena jealous. Secret-Rufus-and-Lily love child Scott.)A famous movie actress enrolls at NYU and ends up being roommates with Vanessa and starts dating Dan.

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