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When I woke up the morning of May 6, 2015, I expected to at least see 10, maybe 20, maybe even 50 headlines about this. At 8am in the morning, well after the first news cycle… And those articles ripped apart this story, and profiled it as the joke it was.Here is a sampling from The Mirror profiling the greed for money: Others took to social networks, and quickly were able to find nearly identical looking ‘bodies’ right here from human civilizations.In front of the Gorilla or Ape-like head in the case, you find another “card”.This, which is seen with no adjustments on the original photo, clearly shows that this is a card sitting on a stand.This appears to be in the same case as the “alien” which further proves this is a photo taken at a museum, and not a photo of an alien.In addition, it should be said that the original film should have much more detail than what was released to the public.

However, what can be seen is that the debated “card” in front of the alien, is, in fact, an information card just like you would see in a museum.

The Roswell Slide – This is the highest resolution that I have found, as of March 6, 2015.

Why have they not released a super high resolution scan of the Kodachrome slide for analysis? For months, the world has waited for the release of alleged “Roswell Alien” slides that were teased in 2014.

Social media roared with the fact that many paid money, and saw a screen with an error, as the stream was not working.

Others who did get in, waited for the moment they finally revealed the slide.

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