Chelsea handler dating owner of chateau marmont

After Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage imploded, Chelsea slapped at anyone who dragged Jennifer Aniston into the drama.

According to Chelsea, Jennifer didn’t have a single fuck to give about Brangelina’s demise.

As previously reported, the former White House staffer was competing in a Head of Household game on Friday, February 9, where the contestants had to get dizzy and bowl before the live feeds […] Tyler Baltierra continues to document the impressive results of his weight loss journey — this time, with a shirtless photo.

The Teen Mom OG star shared the shot of his torso on Snapchat on Saturday, February 10, captioning it, “AYYYYY!!! ” #TOOLPIC.” Baltierra, who has been keeping […] Tell Us why!

The pair held hands as they went for a stroll, with Taylor […] No party is complete without a photo booth, and celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen took full advantage of one provided at Ellen De Generes’ 60th birthday bash. Nearly a day after leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house, Omarosa Manigault returned after being treated for an asthma attack.She’s got better things to do, like selling body yogurt. Miley Cyrus posted an interesting 25th birthday pic ... She loves screwing with the media, so don't read too much into this, but she knew what she was doing for sure when she wrote the caption.A source close to Chelsea (definitely her old sidekick, Chuy) said, “” – asked her what she would say to Angelina if they were stuck in an elevator. Exactly what people do in elevators, you know when you fake look at the number because you just don’t want to make eye contact? Chelsea has turned cheering for Team Aniston into a full-time job.Chelsea probably had the FCC nervous that she was about to release two full minutes worth of expletives. The next time Jenny swings by Chelsea’s for a wine night, she better think about bringing a W-4 and a vacation request form.

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